Zrinka Cvitesic poses for pictures after winning Best Actress in Musical during the Lawrence Olivier Awards for theatre at the Royal Opera House in central London on April 13, 2014.



grant ward’s seemingly innocent outbursts of “hail hydra” suddenly make a lot more sense…

The darker the show gets, the sillier the Tumblr posts become.



How does being a fan of Broadway even work for people who don’t live in New York? like, are you guys ok?

No. No we’re not.


nobody hates glee more than people who have sincerely loved glee at some point in their lives


its a shame that so much of jon’s character in the show has been satirized and reduced to nothing but pointless angst and “you know nothin jon snow”, completely negating his humor, progressive feminism, and innate leadership qualities

the irony is that jon snow is one of the show’s most popular and marketable characters

but for all the wrong reasons, i feel

I’m sorry! What I said, I didn’t mean any of it, none of it! None of it was true!

"Porthos is someone who enjoys life to the full because he knows the value and fragility of it. He was born in darkness and found the light. Becoming a musketeer is very much the zenith of his attainment. It means everything to him. (…) The reason why the musketeers regiment is so important for Porthos is that it is the only family he’s ever known. There’s an amazing amount of passion and pride for Porthos in being a musketeer. The Fleur De Lis that he wears on his shoulder guard means the world to him. That brotherhood. Fraternity, loyalty, equality - those things are very important to Porthos."  —- Howard Charles

Blessed be the Lord, my God, who teaches my hands to fight and my fingers to battle.

"You shine so brightly in my eyes, it puts every other woman in the shade".


Men are born free. No one has the right to make slaves of them.


Just saying, I would love to go to New York to see shows whenever I want but I can’t.

I would gladly pay to see the shows. I would gladly pay to buy proshot, DVDs like Shrek did.

But you know what? Unlike European musicals, Broadway hardly ever pro shoots shows, and it is a shame. Then people feel like they have to resort to bootlegging to be able to enjoy a show that they can’t travel out to see. I wish it wasn’t that way but it is.